About Us

So … we are a small company of a few people that wanted to ‘watch the Web’ as we like to say, on the big computer monitors in our living room – otherwise known as flat screen TVs.

Rather than hooking up our laptops to our TV’s – which just didn’t seem very elegant – we started doing some research.  After trying Roku, Google TV, Boxee, Miro, MythTV and a few other options… and not being very satisfied (actually, very frustrated – we knew it shouldn’t be that hard :), we tried Kodi.

And it worked very well… so well… after enjoying it for a few months, we cancelled cable.

And a few months later, we thought we would offer a packaged product for others that want to enjoy it too.

We hope you give it a try.

Our Team

Our team consists of a number of experienced professionals all interested in sharing the value of Internet Television.  We have a common belief that Internet based television will share information and a variety of views across a wide audience.

Richard Van Horn, CEO and Founder

Richard is the founder of OMGTV!!!TM and manages to balance the demands of a startup in the emerging field of Internet Streaming Televsion with being a father of 3 teenagers. Richard started OMGTV!!!TM with the goal of easy access to content from around the globe that covers the spectrum of interests and opinions.  While still very early, he has high hopes for the success of OMGTV!!!TM.  Richard is a graduate of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  Richard has held a number of positions in the banking industry focused on solutions to challenging technology and Cyber Security issues.  Outside of the office, and very familiar to his three teenagers, this is how Richard usually acts:

William Rosen, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist


Bill is a lifelong entrepreneur in a variety of fields and an early visionary in the organics industry.  Bill is OMGTV!!!’s Chief Evangelist, which means he can use his ‘gift of gab’ to talk about and promote our service.  Bill is an avid outdoorsman and when he isn’t on the job he is either in the water or the woods.  Bill is the father of 2 young girl’s and lives in Branford, Connecticut.

** Your Name Here **, Chief Technology Officer


We are looking for a new Chief Technology Officer to support our growth and expansion. As we add more channels and program guides, managing the integration and scalability is an ongoing challenge – and we could use some help. Please contact us if you are capable and interested.

** Your Name Here **, Chief Marketing Officer


We are looking for a new Chief Marketing Officer to support our growth and expansion. With such a great product and service, we want to tell the whole world – but as ‘techies’, we have no idea how to do that 🙂 So we could use some help. Please contact us if you are capable and interested.

We Support

Triangle, Inc.

As we grow, we plan to rely on services from Triangle, Inc. to assemble and ship our devices.  Its a win win for both organizations as we provide a great product for our clients, provide work for great people with abilities and support a great organization.




KodiTM is the basis of our product and service, and we are happy to support the foundation with approximately 7.5% of our pre tax profits. Its a great product and organization.