Add Ons and More Add On’s

KodiTM is an Open and Extensible platform – meaning that anyone can develop Add On’s – and they have!  There are hundreds of Video, Music and Picture Add On’s, not to mention specialized Add On’s for Facebook and Twitter.

The list goes on – and continues to grow.  Add On’s are available from ‘Repositories’.  The Kodi Foundation has one… and so do other groups.  Below is a brief listing of a few repositories.

OMGTV!!!TM only has a few Add On’s installed because we don’t know what you want to watch or listen to 🙂 . So instead of installing a lot of Add Ons, we included several repositories so you can install the Add On’s you prefer.

Kodi offers hundreds of Add On’s as well as links to 3rd party sites with even more Add On’s.



Super Repo

There are sites like Super Repo – for repository – that have additional catalogs of Add On’s




We will add more shortly.