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  • 1. Setup
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  • 1. Ethernet or Wifi

    While we use Wifi for almost everything - access to the Web, our email, social media and video - it is not always the best choice to watch high quality video.

    While videos vary in duration and quality, a high quality video takes a significant amount of bandwidth - much more than other things we do on the Web, including access our email or social media.

    With that in mind, we highly recommend you move your Internet router close to your TV, so you can have a direct Ethernet connection to OMGTV!!!TM.

    While OMGTV!!!TM.  supports Wifi, the bandwidth demands and limitations of Wifi can impact performance.   So its worth the effort to move your router close to your TV so you can have direct connection to devices that access video over the Web, including your Smart TV and OMGTV!!!TM.

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  • 2. Set Up OMGTV!!!

    Setting up OMGTV!!!TM is very simple.


    First, you need to plug in the cords for the TV, Internet and power.  The first step is to plug the HDMI cable into the side of the OMGTV!!!TM and your television.600708-cable

    Then, insert the ethernet cord into your router and OMGTV!!!SM.  If you're using Wifi, the antenna is part of the device.  Nothing to do 🙂


    Finally, plug the power cord CAREFULLY into your OMGTV!!!TM and an outlet (its a very small plug :).

    OMGTV!!!SM will automatically turn on after it is plugged in. Now, just set the input on your TV to the HDMI port with OMGTV!!!TM and you should see this screen.


    Oh, and there is no need to turn off OMGTV!!!TM , it will dim when not in use and consumes very little electricity.

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  • 3. Configuring Wifi

    Obviously, OMGTV!!!TM needs access to the Internet.  So you will need either an Ethernet connection to your router or Wifi.  Of course, a direct Ethernet connection is much better than Wifi, so if you can, connect OMGTV!!!TM directly to your Internet router.  If not - no problem - you can also use Wifi.

    OMGTV!!!TM does not come with a remote control.  To setup Wifi, you can use your TV's remote control or a USB keyboard or mouse.  Check the 'TV Remote Controls' FAQ to see if your TV supports OMGTV!!!TM.

    To configure Wifi, point your remote at the TV or use your mouse and go the Add On's Menu Option, then scroll down to Programs and hit Enter.


    Then go to the OSMC and hit Enter:


    This is the OSMC configuration screen.  Scroll down to 'Networks':


    Now you are in the network configuration screen.  Scroll down to Wireless and then right to 'Enable Adapter':


    You should then see all the Wifi networks in range:


    Scroll right and down to select your network.  You will then be prompted to connect:


    Select 'Yes' and then enter the Security Passphrase and then Hit Done:


    You should then see a Checkmark next to the network you selected, meaning you are now connected:


    If you don't, then escape back to the main menu and go to the Quit menu to reboot:


    When you return to the main screen, you should now see a scrolling bar on the bottom left of the screen.  This will confirm you have Internet connectivity.



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  • 4. Adjusting the Screen Size

    OMG TV!!!TM will automatically size to your TV screen – most of the time.

    In the event it does not… and you don't see the entire screen - for example you can't see the date in the top right corner - we can calibrate the screen manually.  You will need to control the configuration with either your TV’s remote, a USB keyboard or the Kodi Remote on your phone/tablet:

    1) Go to Settings option on the main menu bar and Hit Enter.

    2) Go to Kodi->System.


    3) Go to Video Output->Video Calibration.


    4) The next step is to calibrate the top left corner: so using the down and right arrow keys, adjust the screen until you see two lines form a bar and it fits in the corner.  Then hit Enter.


    5) Follow the same procedures for the bottom right.


    6) Then for the middle location for captions.


    ESC to the main menu and OMG TV!!!SM should now fit your screen!

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  • 5. Configuring Wifi While on Ethernet

    Setting up Wifi on OMGTV!!!TM can be somewhat of a challenge.

    One way to do it, is to set up Wifi WHILE you are connected to your network via ethernet. This allows you to use an app on your phone or tablet to configure Wifi.

    So, first connect OMGTV!!!TM to your network via ethernet. Then install a remote control on your phone or tablet and connect to OMGTV!!!TM.  These steps are explained elsewhere in this FAQ.

    Finally, follow the steps to configure WIf (also included elsewhere in this FAQ).  Since you are already on the network via ethernet, you can use the remote control on your phone to configure wifi.

    After configuring Wifi, reboot OMGTV!!!TM. While its rebooting, remove the ethernet cord.

    When OMGTV!!!TM restarts, you can confirm you are connected to the Internet when the scroll bar is working on the bottom left of the homepage.

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  • 1. TV Remote Controls
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  • 1. How Can My TV's Remote Control OMGTV!!!?

    So HDMI supports three different types of communications: video, audio AND remote control commands.  The remote control commands are transmitted using a protocol called CEC which stands for 'Consumer Electronics Control'.

    More info about the technology and the TV's that support it is available here.

    Regardless of how it works, it's actually pretty cool to have a single remote control both your TV and OMGTV!!!TM.

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  • 2. Vizio TV Remote Controls

    Vizio supports CEC so your remote should control OMGTV!!!TM.

    If it doesn't work automatically, follow these simple instructions:

    Go to the Vizio Menu, select System:


    Then select CEC:


    Make sure it is on:


    Then scroll down and select 'Device Discovery'


    After a few minutes, you should see 'Kodi':


    And now your Vizio remote control should control OMGTV!!!TM.

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  • 3. Sony TV Remote Controls

    Sony supports CEC so your remote should control OMGTV!!!TM.

    If it doesn't work automatically, follow these simple instructions:

    Go to the Sony Menu, select Settings, Channels and Inputs:


    Then Control for HDMI:


    Ensure it is turned On, the select Device List:


    And you should see Kodi:

    You should now be able to OMGTV!!!TM with your Sony remote.

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  • 4. My Remote Doesn't Support CEC

    Not all TV's support the CEC standard for remote controls.

    If your TV doesn't and you still want to use your TV Remote, you can purchase a device called a FLIRC.

    It goes into the USB port of OMGTV!!! and allows you to control OMGTV!!! with your television's remote control.

    It is a well designed and engineered add on - quite an impressive product.

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  • 1. Smartphone Remote Controls
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  • 1. Yatse (Android)

    There are apps to control OMGTV!!!TM from your phone.  The best we've found for Android is Yatse.  You can install it like any other app - go to 'Google Play', search for it and install it:

    Screenshot_2015-08-04-19-37-32 (2)

    After installing it, open it:


    Then select 'Add Host' on the top, and click the + sign on the bottom left:


    And Select "XBMC / Kodi".  It should find OMGTV!!!TM:


    Select OMGTV!!!TM  and 'Add Host':


    And you're almost done:


    Then select OMGTV!!!TM :


    And the checkmark at the bottom:


    and now you're at the remote:


    At this point, you're on your own 🙂

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  • 2. SYBU (IOS)

    Of course there is a Remote Control App for IPhones.  Its called SYBU.  Just go into the App store and install for SYBU for Kodi:


    After installing it, open it and you will see a remote control:

    image (4)

    The next step is to find OMGTV!!!TM on your network.  Select the 'i' button on the top right and a new screen will appear:

    image (3)

    Select Discover Hosts:

    image (2)

    Save the host and the remote control will then manage OMGTV!!!TM.

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  • 1. The Basics
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  • 1. Favorites

    The "Favorites" menu option is where you can save your favorite video or music channels or specific videos.  OMGTV!!!TM  comes with a predefined set of videos that we think are fantastic, but you can easily add more.  You can also remove our default list, or reorder them.


    If you select the Favorites menu option, you will see many more:


    If you have a remote control app on your phone, you can reorder the list.  Go to your phone and select the Context menu option.  On Yatse, it is the 3 bars on the left of the "I" menu option:


    When in the Favorites menu option, you can reorder or delete a Favorite:


    Anywhere else, say in the Best of You Tube video addon, you can add a video to the list of Favorites:


    And it will be added to the end of the list:


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  • 2. What are Add On's?

    KodiTM is an extensible open source multimedia platform and developers from around the world create add ons to extend its functionality. OMGTV!!!TM only includes about 100 in total, but there are hundreds more to choose from - with more being published every day.

    The bar above the Add On's menu option is our list of the 10 addon's.  To access ALL the installed Add On's, go to the Add On Menu:


    Here you will find 4 categories of Add On's: Programs, Video, Music and Pictures.  Select a category to see ALL the installed Add On's in that category.  Here is an example of the installed Video Add On's (though this list might have changed from your device):


    To see all the Available Add On's, scroll to the bottom and select 'Get More':


    And you'll see hundreds more:


    To install more, just select the one you want to install and hit Enter.  Then select Install:


    After it downloads, it will automatically install and be enabled:


    You can now access it from the Add On's menu.

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  • 3. How Do I Access a Local File Share?

    So many of us have tons of pictures and movies on our home PC.

    If those are 'shared' - meaning they can be access across your home network, then OMGTV!!!TM can play movies or music, or show your photos in a slidedshow.

    To set up Windows File Sharing, watch this.

    After Sharing is ready to go, you need to find the shared directory and save it on OMGTV!!!TM.  To do that for videos as an example, follow these instructions:

    1. Go to Videos on the main menu, and Files.
    2. Select 'Add Videos'.
    3. In the dialog box that appears, go to Browse.
    4. In the next dialog box that appears, select 'Windows Network (SMB)'.
    5. The next dialog will allow you to browse and find the shared folder.
    6. Once you find it, select the folder and give it a name.  Then save it.
    7. Go back to the prior menu.  And you should be able to select that folder to play videos.
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  • 4. It's Not Working!

    While that's more of a statement than a question, if something is not working as expected - just like any computer - sometimes the best thing to do is reboot 🙂


    To reboot, go to the Quit menu and select 'Reboot'.  Of course, you can always unplug it and then plug it back in.

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  • 1. Miscellaneous - Billing, Returns, etc.
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  • 1. What is Your Return Policy?

    OMGTV!!!!'sTM return policy is very simple.

    You have up to 30 days after purchasing OMGTV!!!TM  to return the device for a full refund.   No questions asked.

    The full policy is available here.

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  • 2. Where do I Return OMGTV!!!?

    First of all.... we are commonly mistaken for a competitor of ours - << OMGFREE.TV >>.

    If you bought their product PLEASE visit their site.

    To return OUR device - please use our contact form to confirm you will be returning it.  We will then provide you an address.


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  • 3. How do I Replace My SDCard?

    Occasionally, we will send you a new micro SDCard to replace the one provided with OMGTV!!!TM.  This can happen because the original was defective in some way, or for other reasons. To replace the card is very simple:

    1. Shutdown the device by going to Quit on the main menu and choose Shutdown:


    2. Disconnect all the wires until you just have the device:


    3. Make sure the device is cool to the touch before you replace the MicroSD Card.

    On the side of OMGTV!!!TM, opposite the USB and ethernet ports, is the slot for the micro SDCard.  It will be flush/flat against the side of the device:


    4. Gently push the SDCard in and a spring will pop it out about a quarter of the way.  You can then easily remove it:


    5. Insert the new SDCard into the slot.  ** Make sure the black side is facing up AND you insert it into the slot *:


    When properly installed, it will be flush/flat against the side of the device.

    Then just reconnect the wires and you are good to go.

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  • 4. What's with the '451' Pricing?

    So.... we thought we'd be clever by including a reference to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451... where books burn at that temperature.  The thing is... we've kind of gotten to the same place without burning books..  with all the video we watch... who has time or interest to read a book?

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  • 1. Hey - What About....
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  • 1. Watching a Video - Audio But No Video

    We are working on this but sometimes a video will play in the background and all you will hear is the audio - and you won't see any video.

    This should be fixed shortly.

    Until then, you can still watch your video.  All you have to do is use your 'Return' button to the main menu.  Once at the main menu, hit 'Return' one more time and your video will be shown on your television.

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  • 2. Buffering and Long Pauses...

    Sometimes videos will be jittery or won't play right away... as if there is a delay.

    This is due to video files being EXTREMELY large - sometimes 5 gigabytes - and it takes awhile to download those files even with a high speed Internet connection

    As a result, there may be daleys in starting a movie or pauses (buffering) during a movie.

    There are 2 answers to this problem: 1) watch a video on Medium quality and 2) play the movie and then pause it. That will allow more video to be downloaded and will minimize the buffering. The longer you pause it... the better chances there won't be any delays.

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  • 3. What About OSMC Updates?

    Sometimes OMGTV!!!TM will need to update the Kodi software, which is a different update process than for Add On's.  When you see this on your screen, select Yes:

    File_000 (3)

    OMGTV!!!TM will then update:

    File_000 (2)

    OMGTV!!!TM will then reboot automatically.  It should only take a few minutes and you will then have the most recent version.

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