We unfortunately have a very similar name to a competitor – OMGFREE.TV

And we’ve been receiving their calls and complaints 🙁

To be clear – we are in no way associated with OMGFREE.TV.  We are an entirely separate company.

Please visit their web site for all issues, complaints and questions.

AND if you want to try our product, contact us for a discount code.

Actual Emails 🙁

This unit [OMGFree.TV] does not do what the salesman told me it would. The videos it does show do not steam adequately for viewing. I am notifying my credit card company to stop the payment. I am not interested in tinkering with this any more. How can I return it for a refund?


I am a Senior on a VERY limited income. I bought your [OMGFree.TV] box at Home and Flower, and the box totally doesn\’t work. Now they wont return my calls and a discount wont do me any good, as I spent $199 so at least I could watch TV. Well I was ripped off, they don\’t answer any calls! And no place to take it back because I got it at the home and flower show in Cleveland and they are gone! I am so sad about this!


When we saw the demonstration we were told that ALL shows were in HD. This is not true. I want to return the unit for a full refund. You Web page has the return address but what is the procedure for returning it and having my credit card refunded?