OMGTV!!! – Annual Renewal




KodiTM and each add on – from Youtube to PBS to Shoutcast – is kept up to date by software developers around the world.  And we also have the new OMGTV!!! Guide with a current list of Live TV Channels.

OMGTV!!!TM incorporates those changes into an easy to use, tested and fully functioning product.  From testing Wifi adapters, and plugins, to maintaining a directory of Live TV Channels – we put together a friendly, easy to use and supported device.

We also offer phone support  – a live person to talk to about KodiTM, Add Ons, Live TV.

To do all that – we ask for an annual subscription fee.  For $104.51 a year – you get updates, new features, access to the OMGTV!!! Guide.  We think its a great deal.



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