Why Us :)

What with all the choices out there for streaming devices, why choose OMGTV!!!TM?    Well there are many reasons:

  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES – Yes, when a new version of KodiTM comes out, our box will update AUTOMATICALLY.  No hassles.
  • PHONE SUPPORT – KodiTM can be complex – addons, plugins, wizards.  It can be hard to know where to begin.  We offer phone support for OMGTV!!!TM to help guide you.  Obviously we don’t know everything, but we are pretty good 🙂
  • Payments thru Amazonso you are protected.
  • We donate to the KodiTM Foundation.  Pretty important if we want new features and updates 🙂
  • Our platform is open….and there are thousands of add on’s to watch almost anything.
  • Our platform is multi purpose – you can access your local music, pictures and movies.
  • Unlike Amazon’s Fire TV, OMG TV!!!SM can access multiple file sharing services.  With Fire TV, you can ONLY access Amazon’s Cloud File Service.  With OMGTV!!!TM and this Add On, you can access DropBox.  And that is just an example – there are so many things KodiTM can do…

Of course, you can give us a try and let us know….